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Consultation, Supervision and Practice Development

I am available for clinical consultation, supervision and practice development consulting. I use an educational and collaborative approach to supervision and consultation, with the goal of helping you deepen your skills as a clinician through supporting the development of your individual style, therapeutic orientation, professional identity, and competence. If you are interested in clinical consultation, we can meet in my office, by phone or videoconferencing. Please contact me at (585) 442-5980 or email me at for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Clinical Consultation

Having over 34 years of clinical experience with children, adolescents and adults, I am able to consult on your challenging cases and provide support and guidance. I can provide you with case conceptualization, feedback and perspective on complex cases.

I consult on a variety of topics including chronic pain, biofeedback, behavioral health, child and family therapy, and psychological issues for adults, children and adolescents. I can also assist with private practice development.

Practice Development & Practice Management

Throughout my 34 years of experience, I have established three very successful private practices. I am able to use this experience to assist clinicians in establishing or enhancing a private practice and to help you with marketing and negotiate through third party payors and cumbersome regulations. I can also provide you with my team of specialists in web design and social media marketing.

Want a Successful Practice? Consider Specializing in Chronic Pain Treatment

One of the fastest growing demands for psychological treatment is chronic pain. Most cities have a very limited number of pain specialists. If you are looking for a way to establish a thriving private practice, you may wish to consider the field of Pain Psychology. As a specialist in Rochester, NY, I have an overflow of referrals that is difficult to keep up with. I regularly have to decline referrals due to the extreme demand. I can assist you with the educational and clinical skills necessary to treat this underserved population. I can also assist you in becoming a provider for Worker's Compensation and No Fault insurance companies.

There are over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain who are not receiving appropriate treatment. The majority of medical practitioners and mental health professionals lack the knowledge and understanding of chronic pain and as a result sufferers are not receiving the care they desperately need. I can provide education and clinical tools necessary for mental health professionals who are interested in understanding and working with chronic pain clients.

Clinical Supervision

I provide supervision for psychologists who are working toward licensure in the State of NY.

My role as a clinical supervisor can include teaching, evaluating, consulting, and develop your identity as a developing psychologist. Throughout the supervisory relationship, I will help you enhance your skills in the following areas: screening and assessment, case conceptualization, treatment planning, therapeutic interventions, theory and applied knowledge, and client education. We will also focus on ethical and professional standards, personal growth and awareness, and the ability to create and maintain effective therapeutic relationships.


If you are a mental health professional looking to establish or build your practice, or need clinical consultation or supervision, I am happy to provide ongoing or one-time clinical consultation. Fee for consultation or supervision is $155 for 50 minute sessions, or $225 for 90 minute sessions. We can meet in your office, by phone, or videoconference. Please contact me at (585) 442-5980 or email me at for questions or to schedule an appointment.

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